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Placed onto every single item we produce; it represents the creative or abstract mission behind our brand. It represents the 

MIL IEU culture of joining people and ideologies together, no matter what the attire is.

Starting in 2019, we envisioned a logo that would represent unity and this of people coming together. We started by sketching out our idea of what "collectiveness" looks like. Over the next several months by experimenting with shapes, colors and concepts we looked back at what we wanted to offer and it clicked.

The unique look of the stitch is a resemblance of a clothing stitch in an abstract form that reads out MIL IEU. It is the foundation for what our core beliefs are here at MIL IEU and a reminder of our mission to create products and experiences that will not only inspire, but help shape the world we live in today.

Just as a regular stitch mends cloth together, the MIL IEU stitch mends and brings people together while reminding individuals of our vision for pushing creative barriers and creating their own environment.