As a brand, being open and honest about our practices is important. Here is how MIL IEU is actively taking steps in reducing our environmental impact while staying true to our mission of creating great products.


Designing with a circular lifecycle in mind. i.e carefully selecting materials, dyes etc.Creating gender-neutral design allows us to break down barriers typically seen in fashion, minimizing product waste which is involved in sex-based sizing.

Designing timeless pieces allows us to use the attire in different styles, directly reducing the need to over consume


All our garments are certified with domestic and international standards (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX). This means each garment used is evaluated and tested for harmful substances and is certified environmentally responsible.

We use a natural dyeing process to avoid harmful toxic materials as well as to minimize  hazardous chemical substances from entering the water supply. Sustainable printing, biodegradable packaging and producing limited quantities helps us achieve our goal of reducing waste.


By creating long lasting products, we look to end the cycle of garments ending up in landfills and overconsumptionUsing high-quality fabrics/finishes ensures the longevity of the product again reducing the need to overconsume.

Natural dyeing and carefully curated colors, produce vibrant pieces, which will age beautifully as time goes on eliminates the need to repurchase.


Being open and honest is the key at MIL IEU, as it allows customers to make informed decisions.This motivates them to independently research the fashion industry and the implications of fast fashion.

Our focus is to be transparent about our practices, while educating and informing others on sustainability.


An upcoming initiative that curates ideas and concepts to further our understanding on innovation/ sustainability. This platform encourages sharing ideas so we can work together towards a more sustainable world.